Newbie Bundle

6 mth+ Pink/Blue


Newbie Bundle includes Click-Mat & Plate/Lid, Bowl/Lid, 3 x Feeding Spoons, Straw Cup


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Newbie Bundle contains:

Click-Mat & Plate/Lid -children’s plate and placemat with vacuum, click Twistshake’s plate onto the mat with a twist to the right, which attaches by vacuum to your dining table so you can have a nice relaxing time, dining with your child!

Bowl – with a smart anti-slip bottom that prevents the bowl from sliding across the table, keeping it in place more easily. A useful lid is included with each bowl.

3 x Feeding Spoons – Long, smooth feeding spoons with ergonomic grip for small mouths. Reaches right down into your baby’s food jars and dishes. Free from BPA. Comes in a 3-pack.

Straw Cup – a no-spill Straw Cup, perfect for smoothies or mealtime drinks. Grip-friendly design and BPA free for the safety of your child

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